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to do:
Sentai SDS (Sentai, civilian forms, allies, extra heroes, villains)
Kamen rider SD (riders, villains, civilian forms)
Gundam SDS
Anime Characters
and many others


Yamato Okada - DESMAP Outfit by YuusukeOnodera
Yamato Okada - DESMAP Outfit
this is Yamato (Gekiryu Rider System's user) with the DESMAP uniform.
Sirender by YuusukeOnodera
Sirender (サイレンダー Sairendā): Signalman's personal police cruiser that transforms into a law-enforcement robot when Signalman says "Stand up! Sirender!" (スタンドアップ! サイレンダー Sutando Appu! Sairendā). Comes (amidst regular-sized police cars) when Signalman uses the Signal Whistle. In its robot mode it is armed with the Siren Vulcan (サイレンバルカン Sairen Barukan), a powerful laser gun, the Wappagun (ワッパガン Wappagan), a handcuff that shoots off on a chain, Siren Daggers (サイレンダガー Sairen Dagā), blades that extends from the wrists, and Siren Shield (サイレンシールド Sairen Shīrudo), a riot squad shield. Another weapon is the Signal Flash (シグナルフラッシュ Shigunaru Furasshu) energy blast, an attack similar to the RV Robo's Plagnade Spark attack, can be used in either vehicle or robo mode. The front end becomes the lower legs (with the windshield as the feet), the rear end becomes the forearms (with the back wheels in front of the lower arms), and the back window becomes the upper back which reveals the head. Though it is not destroyed, Sirender can also be seen in the heroes party at the finale
In the previous episode, Yamato transformed into Kamen Rider Gekiryu and used the Genbu Form's powers, will he have the same luck now?

Episode 2

The DESMAP organization was watching the news when the reporter told the fact of missing people in a beach in the Odaiba beach, near the Tokyo Bay.

Reporter: Good Afternoon, i am in the zone of the Odaiba beach where a family of beachgoers was brought away by some kind of humanoid stingray, let's see the testimony of a citizen that saw the fact.
Surfer: So, i was taking part on a surfing competition here in the beach and the beachgoers where swimming there when we realised that they weren't there anymore and i looked down and i saw a shadow similar of an human stingray swimming beneath me that was trying to pull me down, but i managed to escape.
Reporter: Well folks, stay away from the Odaiba Beach and the Marine Police is already in the search for the missing family. Reporter Akeda ending here.
Journalist: Fuyu News ends here until next time.
Sgt. Kuroda: Damn! would it be one of those Terrordivers like that one you fought against, Yamato?
Yamato: I dunno, do you want that i go there to investigate?
Sgt. Kuroda: Yes and bring Jun with you.
Yamato: Hai!

Yamato and Jun salute the Sergeant and go to investigate the case.
Upon arriving to the Odaiba Beach, they see the surfer that was attacked by the monster and they go close to him.
Yamato: Hello, sir. can you give me a testimony about the occurence?
Surfer: What kind of testimony?
Yamato: I am Yamato, much pleased to meet you, is that i am a DESMAP soldier and i came to investigate this case.

The surfer remembers about what the Terrordiver had said to him.

Stingray Terrordiver: If the DESMAP appears, don't tell nothing about our pact!

Surfer: My name is Mitsuki, well, i don't remember very much about it because it was very fast , he pulled me downwards and i escaped swimming very fast, i only remember about a kind of stingray with legs swimming beneath me and then, i only realised when i was in the sand.
Yamato: Ok, thank you.
Surfer: No problem.

Yamato and Jun walk out and the surfer looks them with a cynical face.

Surfer: Fools! Hahaha!

Yamato and Jun hide themselves behind a rock and they observe the surfer until that the monster appears.

Stingray: Hey, your damn, where are the people that you would drag for me to devour?
Surfer: The DESMAP appeared!
Stingray: Interesting, and where are they now?
Surfer: They were gone!
Stingray: Why you didn't you lure them to the water, your idiot?
Surfer: Calm down, forgive me! The next time i drag them to the water!
Stingray: There won't be a next time!

the Stingray Terrordiver holds the surfer's neck and starts to choke him

Yamato and Jun go to save the surfer, and the Terrordiver kills him first.

Stingray: Come on, DESMAP!

Stingray Terrordiver throws an energy blade above the two and Yamato and Jun dodge it. Yamato picks up his Data Belt and puts it on his waist and the belt closes around his waist and he pulls the Genbu Form card from the holster, he holds the card and swipes it through the belt's data reader:

Yamato: Henshin!

Data Belt: GENBU FORM!

The  wireframe appears wrapping Yamato's body and a wave of green energy and some green fragments of energy start to cascade forming an armor, transforming him into Kamen Rider Gekiryu.

Stingray: You'll be defeated, Gekiryu!
Gekiryu: Try to defeat me if you can! Come on!

Gekiryu starts running towards the monster and when he is about to kick him, the monster conjures a sword in front of him and strikes Gekiryu with a slash, making him fall to the ground and Stingray Terrordiver steps with a foot over Gekiryu's breastplate and starts to stab his armor with the sword.

Gekiryu: Onore (Damn You)!
Gekiryu: I cannot be defeated here!

A card with a drawing of a motorbike materializes in front of Gekiryu, he picks it up and swipes it on the belt's data reader:


A blue motorbike with orange, white and red accents appears and crashes on Stingray Terrordiver, making the monster fall.
Another card, but with a drawing of a robot, appears in front of Gekiryu, he throws the card up and the card enters inside of the bike's data reader mounted under the speedometer.


The motorbike transforms into a robot and goes towards the Terrordiver to attack him, while Gekiryu goest to see if Jun was well, but takes a hit from an energy sphere shot by the monster, that paralizes the motorbike's system with his sting.

Gekiryu: Run away, Jun!
Stingray: I defeated Gekiryu!
Jun: Yamato...!!!

Jun's eyes become red and four cards materialize in front of Gekiryu.

Jun: Come On! Activate the Form Card!!!
Gekiryu activates the card, and the wireframe materializes repealing the monster, making him falling to the ground, Gekiryu stands up and the belt plays a sound, with its electronic voice announcing:


Jun's body is engulfed by the flames, that then transform into wireframe model-like armor pieces, entering into the wireframe that wraps Gekiryu's body. The flames start to cascade his body along with a fire wave to form a red armor, changing the form to Suzaku Form.
Sting: Gekiryu?! Who are you, your miserable?!
Gekiryu [Suzaku Form]: I am the Warrior of the Blazing Flames! Kamen Rider Gekiryu, Suzaku Form!
The monster materializes the sword again and runs towards Gekiryu, Gekiryu parries the slash with the armor's left fist and activates a card with a spear drawing.


A red and golden naginata, the Phoenix Lance, materializes in front of Gekiryu, throwing the monster aside and strikes a slash making him fall and then, the monster stands up and Gekiryu pierces the monster with the spear and activates another card


A big shuriken materializes in front of Gekiryu, throwing it like a boomerang above the monster and jumps aside, the shuriken hits the monster and returns to Gekiryu, that combines the two weapons mounting the Fire Slicer on the Phoenix Lance's blade and activates the Final Attack card:


Gekiryu holds the Phoenix Lance in its Hissatsu Mode and falls above the monster slashing him.
The monster, upon taking the slash, goes back and starts to catch fire and explodes.
Gekiryu sits on his bike and rides away!


Terrorcruiser? What is this? Will it be a new race of monsters?
Don't Miss!
FIGHT 03 - Seiryu!
Kamen Rider Gekiryu Episode 2 - [Danger in Odaiba]
The second episode of my fic

First appearance of Suzaku Form

Monster of the Week: Stingray Terrordiver

the other informations (cast [yes, usually i use actors for the civilian characters' appearances], etc) i will include later


YuusukeOnodera's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Current Residence: seoul
Favourite genre of music: Jpop, J-rock, K-pop, techno, electro, trance, hip hop, rap, etc (and i hate justin beaver, musica colorida, one direction, restart, bad singers, etc)
Favourite style of art: All
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Shell of choice: Shell V-Power
Wallpaper of choice: Anime, Manga, Tokusatsu, Soccer, Formula 1 or any formula (like Indy)
Skin of choice: The Blue Ones
Favourite cartoon character: Tsubasa Ozora
Personal Quote: "ORE WO DARE DA TO OMOTTEYAGARUUUU", "Mess with the Best, Die like the Rest!"

SOPA SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Soccer and Formula one
2. Playing video games
3. Collecting Robots or Figures (including also gunpla)
4. Listening Music

1. Outdoor activities, Soccer
2. Listening to Kpop, National Anthems, Techno music, OSTs, etc.
3. Watching Movies
4. Anime, Manga, Tokusatsu
5. Photography
6. Asian Girls
7. I'm in love with :iconsooyoungplz: (Sooyoung from Girls' Generation), :icontiffanyplz: (Tiffany from Girls' Generation), T-Ara's Eunjung and with Secret's Hyosung [… (they are something like an ideal wife for me)
8. South Korea
9. Chicago Bears
10. Tampa Bay Lightning, Dallas Stars, Toronto Maple Leafs
11. Los Angeles Lakers
12. Los Angeles Dodgers
13. Atlético de Madrid, FC Seoul, SSC Napoli, Borussia Dortmund, Benfica, Valencia CF, RCD Espanyol, Corinthians, Vasco da Gama, Boca Juniors, Club América, Chonburi FC, Kashima Antlers, Shanghai Shenhua, South China FC, Persija Jakarta, Los Angeles Galaxy, Universitario de Lima, Colo-Colo, Manchester United, Arsenal, Paris Saint-Germain, CSKA Moscow, Dinamo Kyiv, Dinamo Bucuresti, Lech Poznan, PAOK Thessaloniki, Besiktas, Anderlecht, Orlando Pirates, Raja Casablanca, TP Mazembe, Montreal Impact, Vancouver Whitecaps, Brondby IF, IFK Goteborg, Rosenborg BK, Shamrock Rovers, Al-Ittihad Riyadh, Zamalek, Esperance Tunis, FC Sydney, Auckland United, Hearts of Oak FC, Levski Sofia, Rapid Wien, FC Basel, HJK Helsinki, Stjarnan, LDU, Olimpia, Penarol and many others

1. Lame Video Games or Lame Movies
2. Uyoku Dantai, Zaitokukai, Netto Uyoku/Netouyo (those racist guys that bash Koreans and foreign people both in the streets and also in 2channel), 2Channel (Those guys should leave Korea alone) and Extremists.
3. People that talk without thinking, Racists, Fanatics (political and religious)
4. Bad Music (Justin Bieber, One Direction, Restart, Fiuk, Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus) and Lame Stuff (twilight saga, etc.)
5. Conflict with other people
6. Haters (I respect them unless they are really annoying)
7. UBER Fan boys/Fan Girls (I respect them unless they are really annoying)
9. Extremist/Totalitarian Ideologies (Fascism, Communism, Juche, etc.)
10. People that blame something i like
11. Yaoi

1. Maths
2. Philosophy
3. Being a Fanboy (but I'm not an Uber one)
4. German (i understand a little, but stuying it is difficult)
5. Being Undecided about some things

Favorite style of art: Pixel art


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