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Sentai SDS (Sentai, civilian forms, allies, extra heroes, villains)
Kamen rider SD (riders, villains, civilian forms)
Gundam SDS
Anime Characters
and many others


Chibuchian Butchy by YuusukeOnodera
Chibuchian Butchy
Chibuchian Butchy (チブチ星人ブッチー Chibuchi Seijin Butchī, 22-44): An orange ape-like robot secretly built by Bias to spur on Kemp et al. Like Guildos, he was made to have others believe he was an alien intelligence from the planet Chibuchi. Jocular, likes roller skating and music (he claims to be a karaoke expert). His attacks include expanding the size of his hands to execute his Butchy Punch move. After learning the truth behind Guildos and himself, along with their purpose, Butchy is forced to continue serving Bias. However, while forcefully enacting his Rampaging Destruction scheme, Butchy's tears are noticed by Megumi. Despite Ashura's tough love, Butchy is stopped from further destruction by Megumi offering her friendship. His acceptance results with Butchy labeled a dunce and targeted for execution. Though Megumi tries to save him, Bias activates the self-destruct within Butchy as he pushes Megumi away before exploding.
Giga Volt by YuusukeOnodera
Giga Volt
Giga Volt (ギガボルト Gigaboruto, 28-30): Created by Bias as the result of his Giga Project, using the Giga Metal that Kemp synthesized and powered by the Giga Energy developed by Mazenda from geothermic heat to build this giant robot personally. Once finally activated, this robot emerges with Kemp piloting it as it over powers the Live Robo and counters its Super Live Crash before placing it in a Giga Field. But the interference of the Live Boxer results with the Live Robo rescued and this robot is trapped in its own Giga Field. Doctor Ashura takes over this robot until it is finally destroyed by the newly formed Super Live Robo.
Girath by YuusukeOnodera
Girath (ギラス Girasu) is Giluke's final Space Beast form after he decides to transform himself with the assistance of Bazoo as a final effort to destroy Earth and the Changeman after being struck down by Tsurugi from using the Gozmard.
Change Dragon Henshin
"Let's Change! Change Dragon!"
Here we can see Tsurugi transforming into Change Dragon
Gekijouban: Kamen Rider Gekiryu The Battle Never Ends

Part 2

Jigoku sends the flames towards the two, hitting them and throwing them far away, making them change back into their civilian forms.

Jigoku: Hahaha! you guys aren't capable of stop me!
Yamato: This enemy is quite dangerous.
Ryoma: I can finish him off.

Jigoku turn his back to the two, who are both lying in the ground and a dimensional portal appears above him and he enter inside of it.  

In a sudden, the Desmap Watch rings and Yamato answers.

Yamato: Soldier Yamato here...
Sergeant: Yamato, i heard suspicions about a new ally rider in Yamada Hiroba (Yamada Square)
Yamato: Are there already suspicions of who is?
Sergeant: The only thing i know is that is a "female rider"
Yamato: A female rider?

Then Ryoma, gets ready and enters in the middle of the conversation.

Ryoma: Is she pretty?
Yamato: Hey guy, don't bother me.
Sergeant: Who is that guy, Yamato?
Yamato: His name is Ryoma. He too is a Kamen Rider, he destroyed that Terrordiver.
Sargento: Got it. You two, come to the Headquarters, i found out more things about the female rider.  

A few hours later, 3 youngsters are talking in the playing field, in a sudden they look above and a meteor of dark flames appears falling from the sky in the middle of the field.

E vão ver o que era.

The three go there to look and they see Jigoku.

Jigoku: Eiji, Akira, Harumi, From now, you guys are my servants!

The three go out running and Jigoku sends 3 Belt Buckles towards them, transforming them into 3 riders: an elephant-like rider, a Medusa-like rider and a Golem-like rider.

Jigoku: Hahaha! Now, my servants, your mission is to destroy every other Kamen Rider that gets in your way.

The three say "Yes!".

In the DESMAP's HQ, Yamato, Ryoma and the Sergeant see the data of the previously mentioned female Rider.

Ryoma: Wow! She's really gorgeous, huh?
Yamato: Yeah! She is.
Sergeant: Stop, Your Idiots, and pay attention!, from how you can see,her name is Yumi and her last appearition was in the square, how i said before to you guys.

Suddenly, the alert rings and they see 3 riders attacking the city, and then, a female rider resembling a Butterfly jumps and stops towards them, and Ganesh goes ahead and says:

Ganesh: Who are you?
Ageha: Kamen Rider Ageha!
Gorgon: You cannot beat us.
Tremor: ... hm...

Ageha pulls out a card and activates it by inserting it in the side of the buckle. A voice (similar to Rouze Absorber's voice) from the belt announces:

Sakura Belt: ROSE FOIL!

Making a fencing foil with a pink glowing blade and she assumes the attack stance.

Ganesh activates a card too:

Zou Belt: BLOCK

Stretching his arm and making it envelope Ageha's body and restrain her, and then Marine jumps and slashes Ganesh with his trident, freeing her, and even Gekiryu arrives flying with his Jetpack in Cannon Mode shooting the other two, making them move back.

Tremor: Interesting...

Tremor snaps his fingers and activates a card  


Creating an earthquake and when he raises his hand, an iron flame hits Gekiryu, making him fall.

Ageha runs towards Gorgon and tries to hit her with the foil and Gorgon blocks the attack by holding the foil and says.

Gorgon: We must annihilate you guys, these are Jigoku's orders!

Marine runs towards Ganesh and Ganesh dodges jumping above and kicking him in the back, making him fall.  

Marine rises up and says:

Marine: Curse You!!!

Marine blocks Ganesh and throws him against a wall, making it break.
Gorgon pushes Ageha and activates a card

Medusa Belt: PARALISER!

The snakes on her helmet raise up and shoot a petrifier beam that goes towards Ageha, who dodges it, hitting the ground, thus transforming the location in stone.

E depois Ageha acerta um corte em Gorgom fazendo ela cair.

Gekiryu starts to fly around Tremor, Tremor rises slowly a card and says:

Tremor: Your Time is Gone!!!

And he activates the card:


And then hits both his hands to the ground, shattering it entirely, with various rocks floating and he sends them towards Gekiryu, Gekiryu dodges some rocks, while he breaks others by shooting them with his Jetpack and here, a rock hits the right side of Gekiryu's Jetpack, breaking it and making him fall to the ground, reverting to Mild Form (a form with low energy).

Tremor: Who's the best? Tremor is the best!

Ganesh activates another card.

Materializing a curved sword, similar to an elephant's tusk and goes towards Marine, who defends the attacks with his trident.  

Ageha pulls another card and she activates it

Sakura Belt: WIND SLASH!

A tornado forms around the glowing blade, that she lauches towards Gorgon making her float and she jumps and goes above the tornado, slashing Gorgon making her explode and Harumi falls to the ground.

Gekiryu rises up and activates a card

Data Belt: Spartan Blade!

Making a short sword falling from the sky to his hand.

And he runs towards Tremor.

Ganesh hits Marine with a slash making him move backwards and then Marine pulls a card and activates it  
Poseidon Belt: KANI FORM!

The blue shark-like armor sheds up, briefly revealing a blueish silver body full of circuitry, until being enveloped by a wave of pixels forming a green armor resembling a crab.  

And Ganesh goes towards him and Marine activates a card

Poseidon Belt: IRON PUNCH

His hand glows and he punches Ganesh with a strong impact, making him move back.

Ganesh: Now, that's gonna be interesting!

Ganesh is about to attack Marine with his sword and  Marine holds the blade and activates a card.

Poseidon Belt: CRAB PINCERS

A metallic pincer materializes into his hand and then immobilizes Ganesh with it and says:

Marine: I'll destroy that armor!
Ganesh: Wait...!!!

Marine pulls another card and activates it:

Poseidon Belt: BIG SMASH

The metallic pincer glows and starts slowly to pinch Ganesh's body, making his armor shatter until exploding, and then, Akira falls fainted to the ground.

Gekiryu vai correndo na direção de Tremor e acerta uma espadada nele fazendo ele ir para traz.

Suddenly, Spartan Blade's blade starts to glow and Gekiryu goes towards Tremor hitting him with various slashes until the blade of the sword hits the Belt's buckle, the two break, making Tremor fall to the ground changing back into Eiji.
And then Jigoku appears and says:

Jigoku: I'll obliterate you all!

Kamen Rider Gekiryu Gekijouban: Part 2
Kamen Rider Gekiryu Gekijouban: Tatakai wa Tomaranai

The first of 3 parts of the movie

Forms Used:
Gekiryu: Seiryuu Form (Cannon Mode) , Mild Form
Marine: Tiburon Form
Ageha: Wing Form 

Yamato Okada/Kamen Rider Gekiryu - Lee Jun Ki (actor), Nobuyuki Hiyama (voice)
Ryoma Samejima/Kamen Rider Marine - Taeyang (actor), Nozomu Sasaki (voice)
Yumi Hashiratani/Kamen Rider Ageha - Lee Chae-Young (actress), Ryoko Shiraishi (voice)
Akira Nakaya/Kamen Rider Ganesh - Lee Jae-Won (actor), Hideyuki Umezu (voice)
Harumi Saito/Kamen Rider Gorgon - Bae Doona (actress), Aya Hisakawa (voice)
Eiji Mizutani/Kamen Rider Tremor -  Lee Joon (actor), Tomoaki Maeno (voice)
Sgt. Kuroda - Jung Woo Sung (actor), Tesshou Genda (voice)
Majin Jigoku: Dylan Kuo (actor), Ryoutarou Okiayu (voice)
Poseidon Belt (Marine's Henshin Belt): Shinichiro Ohta (voice)
Sakura Belt (Ageha's Henshin Belt): Fumihiko Tachiki (voice)

the other informations i will include later


YuusukeOnodera's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Current Residence: seoul
Favourite genre of music: Jpop, J-rock, K-pop, techno, electro, trance, hip hop, rap, etc (and i hate justin beaver, musica colorida, one direction, restart, bad singers, etc)
Favourite style of art: All
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Shell of choice: Shell V-Power
Wallpaper of choice: Anime, Manga, Tokusatsu, Soccer, Formula 1 or any formula (like Indy)
Skin of choice: The Blue Ones
Favourite cartoon character: Tsubasa Ozora
Personal Quote: "ORE WO DARE DA TO OMOTTEYAGARUUUU", "Mess with the Best, Die like the Rest!"

SOPA SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Soccer and Formula one
2. Playing video games
3. Collecting Robots or Figures (including also gunpla)
4. Listening Music

1. Outdoor activities, Soccer
2. Listening to Kpop, National Anthems, Techno music, OSTs, etc.
3. Watching Movies
4. Anime, Manga, Tokusatsu
5. Photography
6. Asian Girls
7. I'm in love with :iconsooyoungplz: (Sooyoung from Girls' Generation), :icontiffanyplz: (Tiffany from Girls' Generation), T-Ara's Eunjung, Arantxa from Gandia Shore and with Secret's Hyosung [… (they are something like an ideal wife for me)
8. South Korea
9. Chicago Bears
10. Tampa Bay Lightning, Dallas Stars, Toronto Maple Leafs
11. Los Angeles Lakers
12. Los Angeles Dodgers
13. Atlético de Madrid, FC Seoul, SSC Napoli, Borussia Dortmund, Benfica, Valencia CF, RCD Espanyol, Corinthians, Vasco da Gama, Boca Juniors, Club América, Chonburi FC, Kashima Antlers, Shanghai Shenhua, South China FC, Persija Jakarta, Los Angeles Galaxy, Universitario de Lima, Colo-Colo, Manchester United, Arsenal, Paris Saint-Germain, CSKA Moscow, Dinamo Kyiv, Dinamo Bucuresti, Lech Poznan, PAOK Thessaloniki, Besiktas, Anderlecht, Orlando Pirates, Raja Casablanca, TP Mazembe, Montreal Impact, Vancouver Whitecaps, Brondby IF, IFK Goteborg, Rosenborg BK, Shamrock Rovers, Al-Ittihad Riyadh, Zamalek, Esperance Tunis, FC Sydney, Auckland United, Hearts of Oak FC, Levski Sofia, Rapid Wien, FC Basel, HJK Helsinki, Stjarnan, LDU, Olimpia, Penarol and many others

1. Lame Video Games or Lame Movies
2. Uyoku Dantai, Zaitokukai, Netto Uyoku/Netouyo (those racist guys that bash Koreans and foreign people both in the streets and also in 2channel), 2Channel (Those guys should leave Korea alone) and Extremists.
3. People that talk without thinking, Racists, Fanatics (political and religious)
4. Bad Music (Justin Bieber, One Direction, Restart, Fiuk, Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus) and Lame Stuff (twilight saga, etc.)
5. Conflict with other people
6. Haters (I respect them unless they are really annoying)
7. UBER Fan boys/Fan Girls (I respect them unless they are really annoying)
9. Extremist/Totalitarian Ideologies (Fascism, Communism, Juche, etc.)
10. People that blame something i like
11. Yaoi

1. Maths
2. Philosophy
3. Being a Fanboy (but I'm not an Uber one)
4. German (i understand a little, but stuying it is difficult)
5. Being Undecided about some things

Favorite style of art: Pixel art


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